You can be proud of your sexuality and still in the closet for your own safety. Not everyone you know has to know that you’re not straight for you to be a ‘good’ queer/gay. Protecting yourself from homophobes is not ‘contributing to the issue’. Do not come out into a dangerous situation with no support network or without any financial independence. If you think someone might out you, don’t tell them shit.



You can be proud to be black.
You can be proud to be Asian.
You can be proud to be Arabic.
You can be proud to be Spanish.
You can be proud to be any race.
But you can never be proud to be white, because that makes you racist.

Arabic and Spanish aren’t races go to school


Repeat with me:

Ian Somerhalder is not Damon Salvatore
Nina Dobrev is not Elena Gilbert
Paul Wesley is not Stefan Salvatore
Kat Graham is not Bonnie Bennet
Candice Accola is not Caroline Forbes
Matt Davis is not Alaric Saltzman

Matt Davis is not even Matt Davis
He is Ernesto Riley




Jack Sparrow’s way of telling you your hair is ratchet.

That’s Captain Jack Sparrow you uneducated shit

thanks, kid

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